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The Kinderwunschzentrum Niederrhein introduces itself

Experten für Reproduktionsmedizin

We are a gynaecological practice specialising in reproductive medicine and gynaecological endocrinology and have specialised entirely in the diagnosis and treatment of involuntary childlessness. We strive to always use the most modern scientific knowledge and methods.

Our centre is equipped with one of the most modern air-circulation systems with filter and fresh air exchange and thus offers special protection in the pandemic situation.

The philosophy of the Fertility Centre Niederrhein

Here at Ki.Nd we offer you the best technical and medical conditions to make your wish for a child come true. But above all, we take our time. We advise you in detail and respond to your questions and concerns at any time. So that you feel that you are in good hands with us, both as a person and as a professional.



We know that an unfulfilled desire for children is a sensitive issue. Therefore, we accompany you with a lot of sensitivity and time for your worries and questions. From the first non-binding consultation to the last day of treatment.

  • we inform you comprehensively about the content and organisation of the therapy
  • we offer free information events for patients and interested parties
  • we inform you in writing about the current standards of treatment
  • we cooperate with your specialist in consultation and treatment as well as with other disciplines such as andrology, psychology and genetics

Get to know our practice team

The team at the Kinderwunschzentrum Niederrhein

A well-rehearsed team of specialists, medical staff and laboratory staff work in the Ki.Nd - under the medical direction of Dr. med. Georg Döhmen, Chairman of the German Society for Reproduction Medicine e.V. (DGRM 2020-21).

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Research for the desire to have children

Our evolution

For more than 30 years we have seen ourselves as a performance-oriented provider of highly specialized services in the field of reproductive medicine. Learn more about our history.

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