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The role of the psyche

Unwanted childlessness

The failure to fulfil the desire to have children is a severe psychological burden for most of those affected. For most people, children are the centre of their happiness.

The bitterness becomes all the more profound when the longed-for offspring does not want to come. With increasing duration, an internal pressure builds up which can adversely affect the functions of the body, especially the hormonal balance of the woman. This can result in malfunctions of the internal sexual organs such as ovaries and fallopian tubes. However, even men are not always able to cope with this pressure without consequences. Mental and physical stress can restrict the formation of sperm cells or hinder their transport.

The role of the psyche in unwanted childlessness

Unfortunately, the "head" cannot simply be switched off to prevent blockages from building up in the body. Serenity and balance cannot be prescribed on prescription. It is therefore essential for the success of your fertility treatment that you discuss all unresolved questions about your lifestyle, your relationship and your desire for children honestly and openly within your partnership. If you are willing to bring us on board for your discussions, we can work out a strategy together that will help you to cope with the situation better and show you possible ways to find your desired child.